Vietnam is famous for its interesting exploration. Not only there are beautiful places to visit in Vietnam, tasty food and charming people, but also there are many strange and unique names of streets or places which have made the authentic beauty.

Unique street names in Hanoi

Besides many familiar streets, there are also many streets which have special names such as, Ngo Tram, Ngo Huyen, Ngo Gach, Tam Thuong streets…Nobody can explain exactly what the original meaning are.

Ngo Gach is over 100 meter long connecting with Nguyen Sieu st. to Hang Duong st. The alley was actually the To Lich river which was occluded in 1887. Since having being occluded, there were many shops selling lime and brick which perhaps has led this name of alley. Like Ngo Gach, Cong Duc is only 110 meter long, spreading to the end of Hang Ma and Hang Vai st.  The street is quite small, but there are a lot of house close together.

The street names are strange and unique, but all streets in Hanoi have their own special features.

Long Lanh  (Glistening) pass

Besides the name of Long Lanh thanks to the glittering beauty in the dawn, the pass is locally called as Omega which was originated from the shape of the pass. Omega pass is known as the most beautiful route in Nha Trang connecting Nha Trang and Dalat. This place to visit in Vietnam is not only special for its name but also for its impressive scenery.

Besides the name of Omega, the pass is also called with some other names such as, Hon Giao, Khanh Le, Bidoup, Long Lanh each of which has its own meaning, some associated with mountains, people or local features. With over 30km long in the whole route of 200km long, many people visit this place just for the romantic and fabulous scenery.

The best way to enjoy the scenery is riding motorbike. When conquering the height of 1700 meter, you will see the wonderful beauty. The first light rays through the fog make the scenery more splendid and miraculous. On the ground, sunshine reflected through the de drops on the grass is more glistening. On the sky, the colors of cloud and sunshine are mixed to be a paradise.

Mountainous region of Ma Da in Dong Nai

Located 90 km from Saigon, Ma Da forest (in Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province) is not only famous for its historic monuments, but also is attractive for its immense primeval forest and distinctive Tri An lake.

Ma Da forest was associated with the fierce Vietnam war against America and is the land of legend stories. Currently, Ma Da is not only the historic place but also attract visitors who want to explore the vast forest to be closer with nature.

The best time to explore Ma Da is from October to June which is the dry season so it is wonderful to enjoy the place.

The journey to Ma Da will be very interesting thanks to the wonderful route with stunning, romantic and simple scenery. You can enjoy the vast expanse of springs of Dong Nai river or enjoy the rich rice immense rice fields and rolling mountains.

Come to Ma Da to visit Tri An lake and to enjoy the romantic, simple and tranquil scenery.

Hang Rai (otter cave), Ninh Thuan

Hang Rai is the house of otters which has given the place such name. The place is very well-known in Ninh Thuan with impressive and natural beauty which has become familiar with a lot of visitors. Hang Rai is located in the South of Vinh Hy bay which is about 35 km away from Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan.

Is the most significant place in Vinh Hy, you will be impressed and feel lost to the wonderland when visiting this place to visit in Vietnam. In Hang Rai, visitors will have chances to experience climbing the mountain of Chua to enjoy the panoramic view, diving to explore fabulous corals or just swimming in the emerald water and walking on the white sandy beach.

During the trip in Hang Rai, you should enjoy very tasty seafood dishes such as, moon snails, amberjacks, crabs, lobsters or abalone…

Cu Lan village in Da Lat

Cu Lan village is located on the mountain bottom of Lang Biang. Cu Lan valley is situated amongst immense pine tree forest with small and simple wooden houses and flower paths.

The name of the village is originated from the story of a man who wanted to collect rocks to build up a palace in the forest for his darling. The impractical act made the local calling him “Cu Lan – fool”. However, the girl was very moved by the warm-hearted; she decided to go with him to the forest. Because of the pristine and natural beauty of the forest, they chose to live here.

When traveling to this village, you will dip into the stunning natural landscape with forest, springs and flowers. If you just arrive at the gate of village, you will be disappointed because, there is nothing to explore. However, go inside the village, you will fall in love because of its simple, pristine and green scenery.